About Leonard
Crystals & Jewelry
As CEO of Leonard Crystals and Jewelry, it is Michael Leonard's passion to share his decade and a half worth of knowledge and passion with everyone who desires to learn more about crystals and jewelry. Michael believes everyone should know about the intrinsic healing properties crystals posses, and his pledge to every customer is to share everything with quality and mindfulness. A jeweler at heart, Michael's custom pieces have been sold and showcased across the United States. Whether mining, cutting, polishing, setting or repairing, every stone we touch is respected and treated as a precious gem.

Began his love of crystals and mining when he became manager of a Turquoise trading post called Tinkers Earth in 1970. Over the years Jim had dug and supplied the international market with many crystals and gemstone materials. In 1976 Jim famously began digging Bloodstone in Oregon, which made its way into jewelry worldwide. In 1990 Jim opened Atom Crystals – where he provided lapidary services. Jim is knowledgeable in all aspects of crystal and rough lapidary material Mining and extraction, to processing and cleaning and final marketing and sales.

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