About Leonard Crystals
Welcome to Leonard Crystals, your premier marketplace for some of earth's most beautiful and stunning natural treasures. From Brazil to China, Africa to North America, we have crystals, minerals and jewelry from across the world. In addition to offerings from across the globe, we proudly specialize in local minerals from our home state, Colorado. Thank you for taking a moment to browse our collection - we hope you find a piece that speaks to you!
Leonard Crystals Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

Our Mission is to enhance the lives of everyone we get to serve.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to deliver extraordinary products and services while educating our clients on the inherent benefits of crystals and minerals.

Our Values

Integrity - We will always uphold the highest standards of business ethics.
Quality - We offer only the highest level of specimens.
Mindfulness - Every action we take will be done with care and consciousness.
What We Do

What's New

Leonard Crystals and Jewelry is constantly discovering new and rare crystals and gem materials.
Our selection is ever changing so be sure to see what's new!


Hyalite Opal



Featured Collections

Leonard Crystals and Jewelry is always sourcing and offering rare crystal collections from known long-time collectors.

The Leonard Collection


The Moulton Collection


The Joy Collection


The North Star Turqouise Collection