By Bill Moulton

As I tend to feel that Tourmaline is my “spirit crystal” I have managed to gather a few around me over the years.

There are many different kinds of Tourmaline, covering most of the colors of rainbow, and sometimes a few different colors in the same piece – called bi-color, watermelon, and tri-color tourmaline.

Most Tourmaline is good for transmuting negative energy, except some Tourmaline has much less Piezo and pyro electric capacity. Black Tourmaline has been studied and shown to be less electric in nature, but it still has it. Black Tourmaline, called Schorl, is fairly inexpensive and is fabulous for grounding and connecting with the magical, mysterious unknown. I find Schorl feels very good as a grounding crystal, and it seems to transmute radiation from TV’s and electronics and calm the environment.

Red Tourmaline, called Rubellite, is a joyful crystal, with a pinkish red color. It is a great crystal for connecting with feminine energy.

Other kinds of Tourmaline, such as clear, brown (Dravite), watermelon (green and red in the center), light pink Rubellite, indigo, violet, yellow, and yes the rare azure blue (Indicolite).

In my own limited experience I have found Green Tourmaline to be very healing, connecting with the heart chakra, but also it has a strong connection to the plant kingdom being green. Green is also good for dreaming I find. Black is good for journeying into the unknown, moving into the unconscious realms.

So I would try to touch and feel a number of different colors and sizes and see which feels the best for the intent. The Leonard Crystal store sometimes has some wonderful pieces of Tourmaline and I have always been pleased with how reasonably priced Tourmaline specimens have been here.

As to using the piece in the metaphysical sense, I find I really enjoy beginning and ending a meditation with squeezing a Tourmaline end-to-end with my thumb and index finger, right hand, simultaneously blowing breath out of mouth, with visualizing light flowing out of the right hand, for transmuting and moving negative resonance OUT of my aura (beginning meditation), and then at the end of meditation, squeeze it with the left hand and breathe in with light for bringing in positive resonance INTO my auric field.

The light, breathing in or out, and which hand is used to squeeze the crystal end to end, is what works for me based on own experience, so it may be different for others.  I find it works quite well to clear the human energy field of negative energy or a bad mood.

I also find that wearing a Tourmaline is really a good general background negative energy ‘transmuter’. Since we are always out and about getting in and out of fields of tension and stress, the little Tourmaline is an excellent ally for general energy aura protection purposes.

On other fronts, in terms of bridging metaphysics and academic sciences, I find discussion of the well established phenomena associated with vibration and resonance, chaotic attractors, self organizing variety, holography, quantum physics and the concept of negative entropy (syntropy), the 2nd law of thermodynamics, and the history of alchemy and its connection to metaphysics – are all good going interesting things as far as this topic goes!

Crystals meet a lot of the formal definitions of ‘life’ as we have biologically defined it (anti-entropy, reproduce, maintain organized variety, and adapt to grow in new conditions, assimilate raw materials into orderly utilization, etc).

Also crystallography and geometry and thermodynamics all converge to ably describe the fundamental metaphysics of shape, form and symmetry. Connecting the Platonic solids, ideal objects, and the idea of ‘life’ reflecting higher dimensional ‘ideals’ is a very metaphysics sparking topic.

It has been an avid hobby of mine to study this crystal electronics stuff for the last 20 years. Most of the stuff I found reading several different books, like “The Tourmaline Group” by Dietrich.

Yes quartz crystals are readily programmable and imprint with your intention quite easily!

The optimum imprint programming and clearing protocol I have found most effective and universal:

Programming a crystal

  1. Place one or two fingers or a thumb on a specific crystal face.  If the crystal is not faceted, such as a sphere, then hold the crystal.
  2. Visualize what you want it to imprint
    • a scene that expresses a feeling, or
    • a thought or verbal affirmation (which need to be started with ‘Why’ e.g. “Why is my problem with____ completely resolved?” which better activates subconscious power), or
    • a future scene that symbolizes an accomplishment, etc.
  3. While visualizing, also amp up the associated emotional/energetic component, the more love the better, but even simple directed will (intention) works, but feeling added supercharges it
  4. As you visualize that image and feeling flowing into the crystal – preferably with eyes closed or eyes cast into the crystal face (both work) – also squeeze or press your finger(s) onto the crystal face in sync with that visualization.
  5. If complex and not simple, do it three times.  Each time with gusto, and a short rest thinking about something else in between.
  6. If major and far reaching change wise, here is a special turbo-manifestation technique: visualize, feel and press onto the crystal facet for exactly 33 seconds, no more, no less using a 33 countdown timer with a beep to stop (if eyes are closed while doing this).  With gusto, but drop the visualization and emoting like a rock at 33 seconds.  For some reason this seems to sync up getting help from higher dimensional factors.  (Don’t worry, it’s cool, there is nothing strange or demonic here, it simply gets you the right dial tone to your own higher forces of manifesting your desire.  If you desire something negative or harmful to anyone or to a crystal, be careful, you can get karmic blowback real fast.)

Clearing a crystal

  1. This often needs to be done before doing #1 above, don’t want conflicting programming in play.  And crystals like to be free of programming as much as they like to be agents of reality programming.
  2. Crystal cleaning, rest in a solution of salt water (from sea or sea salt, about a teaspoon or more per 2 cups of water, for 30 minutes will do it.
  3. Crystal clearing, press thing or fingers, right hand only, onto each of the crystal facets or faces, and visualize a blast of white light coming out off your hand from your heart into the crystal while pressing the face in sync with that, and while sharply exhaling breath in sync with that.
  4. If the crystal has only one face (tabular flat) or one surface (rounded cabochon) just only need to press that with thumb and hand underneath.