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With love and kindness, Michael Leonard

This blog is written in memory of Foster Hallman. For many decades Foster and his Crystal Tips mining claim was enjoyed by countless miners and prospectors. A short drive out of Reno, Nevada then a drive on a very muddy rutted road would bring you to a 60° hill. The climb up this hill was always very interesting, to say the least, and that was when it was dry. Sure did get the blood moving by the time you reached the top and your adventure would begin.

Foster was a very large man who would sit on the back of his backhoe with a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken on his lap with a stick of butter to put on the chicken. Things like that would not bother this man who, right up until the end, lived life on his terms. He was always one to tell you exactly what he was thinking, no holes barred and if you could not take it, that was your problem.

Peterson Mountain held that energy also; you got what you got. Some days it would thrill you with a pocket the size of a 5 gallon bucket, and other days it would leave you wanting. A group calling themselves the Dazed Templars met for many years on that mountain and shared experiences that are indescribable. Children were raised with the mountain as a backdrop, proposals were made and accepted, and celebrations occurred with a grandeur the likes of which are unique. Through it all Foster, seated on the throne of his backhoe with a beer in one hand and a fat joint in the other, would thrill to the energy of discovery that he was uncovering for his assembled guests.

Fosters mountain had the most beautiful sceptered quartz one could imagine. The bulbous heads ran through the color spectrum of purple to black and the shafts were either clear or smoky. Some of these scepters were over a foot long. They caused an accelerated excitement on the mountain when discovered. The tiniest crystal to the big clusters would be handled by this gentle giant with the utmost respect.

This gentle giant will be missed by everyone whose life was touched . Somewhere in the universe a very large prospector is scouring the hills for the signs of crystal.


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